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Since 1994, Hospitality Industry Trust (HIT) Scotland has endeavoured to identify and reward future leaders of the hospitality industry by providing invaluable scholarships to leverage their career.

By recognising the need to continually update skills within the industry, enhance personal development and bring fresh ideas back to Scottish businesses; HIT provides scholars with the opportunity to learn locally, nationally and internationally.  The scholarships are awarded at the annual Emerging Talent Conference.

Scholarships are available to all aspiring individuals working within or studying towards a career in Scottish hospitality (in its broadest sense). As a scholar, you will spend time working in (either) varied operational areas or on structured programmes, allowing you to gain valuable knowledge, insight and confidence to get to the next level in your hospitality career.  


In order to identify the next generation of leaders, HIT asks applicants to meet certain basic requirements by completing and submitting a scholarship application.

To have their application considered, potential scholars will be asked to answer a number of questions including:

• Why should you receive a scholarship? 
• What are your scholarship objectives?
• How will you measure success? 

Applications for the 2017 Scholarship Programme will open on Thursday 29th September 2016.

Closing date for Scholarship Applications: Friday 25th November 2016

Interviews for Scholarships will take place during January 2017.

Executive Scholarships will be available at many different locations and these will be discussed on application.

Scholarships will be awarded at the Scholarships Awards Presentation at the HIT Emerging Talent Conference in February 2017


Hospitality Industry Trust Scotland provides varied scholarships aimed at all aspiring individuals working within or studying towards a career in Scottish hospitality. Listed below are the scholarships currently available to all levels:

With various levels, categories and locations available, we are confident that you can find the perfect scholarship to help you propel your career within the industry and help make Scotland the greatest hospitality nation in the world! 

Senior Management

The Executive Learning Scholarships

The Executive Learning Scholarships would suit senior managers, with five or more years of experience, who are looking to move to the next stage of leadership within a dynamic organisation. These are highly sought after scholarships for those at a senior level.

Examples of these scholarships might include Executive Modules covering leadership, strategic finance, technology and asset management. 

These will be delivered through a variety of channels such as Business Schools, online modules and experiences at International destinations.

* Depending on fees, certain courses may require employer/scholar contributions if successful

Jumeirah and Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management initiative Scholarship

The winner of this scholarship will be given a wonderful learning experience during a visit to the Jumeirah International Hotel Group and Emirates Academy in Dubai.

HIT’s Dubai scholarship is a 5 day, hands on scholarship, looking to deliver high standards and operational practices through a placement with the Jumeirah Group in Dubai. It is open to people who are in a senior management position and manage at least six people.

Dubai scholarship logos

Disney Scholarship

The Disney Institute runs a unique 4 day programme (although you will be away for 6 days) covering customer service. A Disney Institute scholarship would suit an established HR & Training manager, with five or more years of experience, looking to develop professional standards within their organisation.

Recipients of a Disney Scholarship learn in an environment where customer service, team work and leadership excellence are front of mind. Trainers provide participants with skills that enhance abilities, ensure consistency and instil confidence.

Glion Executive Scholarship

This three day leadership programme enables senior managers to experience executive learning. By understanding yourself in a global context, you will be able to lead high performing teams to achieve great results. The scholarship will combine classroom learning at Glion's London Campus as well as international input from leading experts in their field. To apply, you must have had general management experience of a large establishment for at least 5 years.

Global Destination Scholarship

This scholarship will enable senior management, with at least 5 years' experience, to understand dynamic hospitality operations within one of the great destinations of the world.

The Half Moon Resort in Jamaica is a luxury 5 star destination which will give the recipient a full overview of resort operations with a particular focus on food and beverage. 


Junior - Middle Management

Lausanne (Management) Scholarship

This scholarship is designed to give a strong insight into management and leadership techniques. It is run over two days in a classroom setting and is aimed at relatively new managers or those in charge of a smaller team.

Recipients of this scholarship benefit from learning in an environment with like-minded individuals striving to further their careers as managers within the hospitality industry. Recipients learn the latest techniques in hands-on management, which push team members to thrive and excel. 

London Capital Gains Scholarship

This a service excellence scholarship which will combine case-studies within London's top establishments. This will enable the scholar to bring back relevant information which can be implemented within their own establishment to drive business forward.

The scholarship will be a mixture of theoretical learning at Glion's London campus within Roehampton University combined with operational experience.

The Early Years Management Scholarships

These scholarships consist of a blended approach to move you from a suprervisory role into your first management position. These scholarships will be a mixture of learning experiences that could be a series of modules delivered over many months or a short sharp programme to look at a specialist area of management. 

As a result of this scholarship your management skills, confidence and ability to cope under pressure will improve via input from management experts.


Entrepreneurial Scholarship

The Entrepreneurial Scholarship is aimed at budding entrepreneurs within the sector and gives an opportunity to learn from successful entrepreneurs in a variety of different fields. Recipients of this scholarship benefit from first-hand experience working with other entrepreneurs who share knowledge of their own challenges, aspirations and successes.

There’s no better way to learn than with individuals who share the same mind-set.

Green Tourism Scholarship

This scholarship is for those with a keen interest in the environment who are in a position to implement a green tourism strategy for their business.

Recipients will learn from industry professionals who are passionate about incorporating local, green and environmental considerations into the industry.

Scholarships available in this category will be delivered in Scotland, nationally and also internationally looking at global sustainability. International benchmarking may be available to the right candidate.

Frank Mullen (bespoke) Scholarship

Frank Mullen was a leading innovator within Scottish tourism. This scholarship category is for bespoke scholarships up to the value of £1.5k. Previous bespoke scholarships have included attending global conferences, contributing to industry forums and seeking best practice in sector. It is open to all ages and stages of individual development.

This scholarship is ideal for those looking to broaden their horizons.

Craft Scholarship

The craft scholarships provide an experience into all manner of craft skills within the hospitality industry. Craft scholarships include 3-5 day placements with speciality and Michelin Star chefs, sommeliers and working with producers. This scholarship is suitable for someone new to the industry or a more senior professional looking to learn a new skill by potentially broadening their horizons.

Patisserie and Sugar Craft Scholarship

This is aimed at scholars who have a passion for all things chocolate and dessert wise! The two day scholarship, hosted at The Gleneagles Hotel, will include detailed sessions with Michelin chefs and industry experts to refine your pastry work and see the whole process from development to service. This scholarship also includes fine dining with the experts to understand their philosophies in craft skills.

Customer Experience Scholarship

This is all about looking at front of house operations and providing an experience that will wow the guest. By looking at all the current trends of worldwide customer demands this scholarship will enable you to think ahead of the guest and develop systems that will provide unforgettable experiences.

This scholarship will have professional input in addition to hands on experience.

The Drinks Package Scholarship

Thes scholarships are aimed specifically at those working within the licensed trade. Scholarships available in this category will include mixology masterclasses, wine appreciation, knowledge of spirits and cellar management.

These scholarships will be delivered locally, nationally and internationally in conjunction with experts in the field of drinks and service and might include specialist visits to vineyards, distilleries and breweries.


All Levels

Experience Scholarship

Experience scholars receive a placement within a selected, best practice organisation - such as a spa, hotel or event company - to get behind the scenes in some of the UK’s top companies. Experience scholarships are open to people new to the industry and those looking to learn from a larger organisation or company operating at the pinnacle of the industry. Taking practical learning to a new level, recipients of this scholarship benefit from a unique opportunity to get hands-on experience in their preferred environment. 

Social Media Scholarship

The social media scholarship embraces all the new technologies available to support the business in reaching new markets. The operationally led scholarship will allow the scholar to meet the key influencers of social media in like-minded or different sectors. This will be a bespoke opportunity.

The Introductory Patisserie and Sugar Craft Scholarship

For those with a passion for pastry this is the ideal introductory scholarship. This one day programme will cover the basics of patisserie and will be delivered in a hands on style to complement the theory that you have learned to date. 

This would ideally suit a student starting out on their culinary journey.

The Supervisors Scholarship

This two day scholarship will cover all aspects of supervisory management which will enable you to perform more effectively in your current role. 

The two day programme which will be delivered within a 5 star resort will have input from industry experts covering topics such as motivation, communication skills, upselling and people management