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The Tennents Training Academy Scholarship

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Terms & Conditions


  • Candidates can only apply for one scholarship.
  • If scholars don't fit the criteria for the scholarship they apply for they won't be offered an alternative.
  • Executive Scholarships will be available at many different locations and these will be discussed at interview.
  • If a scholar moves from Scotland or leaves the Industry they will forfeit their scholarship.
  • As a Scholar of HIT Scotland you are an ambassador of your Organisation, both on and offline. It is your responsibility to conduct yourself in a professional and sensible manner at all times.


  • Informing HIT Scotland of changes to their contact details or employment.
  • Being fully aware of the nature of the scholarship and your involvement in it and on this basis understand and accept all risks attached thereto.
  • Complying with all reasonable instructions and requests.
  • Informing HIT Scotland of any medical condition which might affect their participation in the scholarship.
  • Taking note and complying with the Scholarship Provider’s health and safety policies.
  • Dressing appropriately at all times, and following dress codes where provided.
  • Providing their own travel insurance for overseas scholarships.
  • Sorting their own inoculations & visas where required.
  • Providing receipts for out of pocket expenses (see below for expenses guidelines).
  • Ensuring reasonable steps are taken to maintain complete confidentiality.
  • Conducting themselves appropriately in accordance with the applicable laws of the country for which they are responsible for knowing and understanding.


  • Scholars must be working in the hospitality industry in Scotland to receive their scholarship.
  • When required, twin accommodation will be provided unless otherwise stated. Requests for single rooms will be subject to availability and the supplement will be payable by the scholar directly to the hotel.
  • HIT Scotland does not accept responsibility for travel arranged if the Provider makes changes.
  • Expenses will be paid on completion and return of the Feedback Form. Feedback Forms must be returned within two weeks of completion of the Scholarship.
  • HIT Scotland will not cover the cost of required clothing, personal spending money, or alcohol.
  • Scholarships are booked for exact dates. Extensions to planned visits and additional requests are the scholar’s own responsibility.
  • Unless otherwise agreed, all scholarships must be taken in the year awarded.
  • Any scholar found under the influence of drink or drugs will have their scholarship terminated with immediate effect.
  • Scholars will be liable for the cost of their scholarship and incurred expenses if they fail to attend without good cause.
  • Photographs and / or film footage may be taken during the Scholarship and that any such photographs and / or film footage may be used by HIT Scotland to promote and report on the scholarship.
  • HIT Scotland will not be responsible for any loss or damage to personal items or property as a result of the scholarship.
  • Scholars should be careful not to post inappropriate or harmful material on social media (both personal or company accounts), or share confidential information, in relation to your scholarship experience.
  • Any grievances about your scholarship experience should be sent privately to HIT Scotland in a timely manner, who will then deal with this as appropriate.


  • Up to £20 per day subsistence allowance will be reimbursed on return of feedback and expenses forms provided and should include photos of receipts.
  • Where public transport is unavailable to get to your Scholarship, HIT Scotland will cover the cost of petrol but this must be agreed in advance and has a maximum limit of £100.