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Education in Scottish Hospitality

Sourcing and supporting new blood is an essential part of our work here at HIT Scotland.  We strive to inspire emerging talent with our passion for travel & tourism. 

Further and Higher education

HIT Scotland recognises the importance of further and higher education, which plays a vital role in developing and encouraging tourism careers in Scotland. Because of this, HIT Scotland awards yearly bursaries to higher education institutions across Scotland, destined to help students pay for essential equipment, such a professional standards knives and cooking equipment, and as emergency relief for students in financial difficulty. 

In addition to financial bursaries we provide places on a bespoke course at Lausanne Hotel School for students. The course consists of theoretical, experiential and networking opportunities; but also delivers ideas and concepts which will enhance participants’ opportunities when they are applying to the industry.

Emile Borisaite from Napier University has a new perspective on the industry after attending the course:-

"The Lausanne bursary was an an incredible opportunity to witness Swiss hospitality of the highest standards both at the Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne and out in the city.

The course has provided me with a completely different perspective of customer service and the whole hospitality industry and above all, has inspired me. It was one of the best academic experiences I've had so far."


You can read about our first bursary scholarship trip to Lausanne in the Times Educational Supplement Scotland

Student Learns from Oldest Hotel School in the World

Perth College UHI hospitality student Viktorija Busilaite  was awarded a scholarship from the Hospitality Industry Trust (HIT) Scotland to visit the oldest hotel school in the world; Ecole Hoteliere in Lausanne, Switzerland.  Read more.

Scott Mcgregor from City of Glasgow College also had an exciting scholarship

Scott said 'I have enclosed a short report of my time at the Event Business Academy, which was a fantastic experience. Meeting students from all over the world studying a form of Event Management and to find out about and engage in their culture was special.'   

Download Scott's report here. 

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