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Drinks Package Scholarship - Kirsty Bullen

  • 11/10/2017

Kirsty Bullen, Bar Supervisor, The Chester Hotel Aberdeen

Drinks Package Scholarship

I’ve been working in the hospitality industry for a few years now, which has seen me hone my skills both on the bar and be involved in hotel operations.  I’ve been working as a Bartender at The Chester Hotel in Aberdeen for about a year, with a promotion to Supervisor back in March.  I’d love to progress as much as I can in the bar management side, learning all that I can from my manager, both front of house and behind the scenes, but in the future I would love to expand my knowledge even more to different departments throughout the running of the hotel.  I applied for the Drinks Package scholarship to develop my skills and help me to move forward with my career in this industry.

For my scholarship I took part in the Liquid Academy’s Silver Award course for The Modern Professional Cocktail Bartender.  We first learned about the development of bartending and cocktail creation, then some tips on improving your efficiency behind the bar, and onto the art of cocktail making, tasting, and creating.

It was great to meet people from different bars, but my highlight had to be winning the cocktail making competition at the end of the course!  We were each given the task of creating our own twist on a classic cocktail and then presenting it to the group. I created a twist which combined a classic negroni and a sour by using aperol, botanist gin and sweet vermouth, along with blood orange juice, lemon juice, rosemary and egg white. I was so pleased when they announced that I had won and my hard work had paid off!

It was a fantastic experience, and I feel I have definitely improved my skills and confidence in this area.  I have already been using the knowledge learned to create a new cocktail menu for The Chester, a fun challenge which I’m both nervous and excited about!  And of course my winning cocktail will be part of the new menu at the Chester Hotel!

The smooth running of a team is paramount in this industry to providing a top quality service, so I am passing on the skills I have learned to the rest of my team, meaning we all gain from this experience.  I’d definitely recommend a Drinks Package scholarship to any bartender looking to improve their knowledge.

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Kirsty was one of our The Ben scholars.