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Glion scholarship - Brett Davidge

  • 31/10/2017

Brett Davidge, General Manager, Apex City Quay Hotel Dundee

Glion Executive Scholarship

I believe as individuals we need to continually evolve and add to our repertoire of skills ensuring that our individual leadership style and knowledge remains relevant in an ever changing society. I studied hospitality over 20 years ago, and have worked in hotels in the United Kingdom and South Africa since then. I have progressed through all departments and many positions to my present role as General Manager of Apex City Quay in Dundee. My objective has always been to be General Manager of a high class hospitality business. I believe I have achieved this but that many years ago I was probably a bit naïve with my goals and my journey has far from ended. Revenue Management and Online Travel agents were non-existent and leadership styles were very different then especially in South Africa. Whilst I am confident my leadership style has been influenced positively by numerous hospitality icons, I wanted to ensure that my skills continue to reflect the ever changing needs of a hospitality business in the modern world, so applied for the "Glion Executive Scholarship" in 2016 to add to my existing skill set.

I wanted to be able to incorporate the skills and experience gained into my business and influence my team, and to understand how to maximise the effectiveness of the conversations I have, with people which I connect and engage with daily.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience at Glion, the facilities were great and we were made to feel very welcome. The lecturer Andrea was excellent as a facilitator, knowledgeable and thought provoking but also able to summarise and refresh to ensure understanding.   The key highlights for me were the lecture on brain function and how people receive information, and the lecture on understanding our own behaviour and communication styles.  These are important for any GM, as a successful hotel needs the team to understand what is expected of them.

We have discussed the high level content at Management meetings, and I have incorporated what I learned at Glion into the business with a communication and presentations workshop in the hotel for all HOD’s and supervisors, which included the content of the Scholarship. The most important lesson to take away is that we are on the right path and we need to continually reassure ourselves and our team members that self belief is more powerful than anything. Often we do not think highly enough of ourselves.

I’d recommend this scholarship to any Manager.  Understanding the concepts would be very useful for anyone leading a team to help them get the best from them.

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