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HIT Live - Lorin Laing, Manager of Heaven Scent

  • 26/10/2016

HIT Scotland has announced the Scholarships Programme for 2017 and we are keen to advertise the wide selection of Scholarships available.  To that end we want to promote the benefits of the Scholarships and the opportunities they enable.  Lorin Laing, Manager of Heaven Scent has just returned from the Lausanne Management Course and here's her story.

I applied for a HIT scholarship as I hoped it would open my eyes to see the fuller hospitality and catering industry in a grander and more realistic way.

I left school at a young age to pursue a full time career with various employers and I currently only know the way we do things through practical experiences.

This scholarship has expanded my confidence, experience and knowledge of the industry and has taught me new management techniques, tricks and skills that I will take back to my work and implement.

I am fully committed to my company and the investment that they have put in me, and now even more so with being on the Lausanne Management course.  

I wanted to learn more about myself as a person and a manager and I have definitely achieved both. It has enhanced my passion for the industry and how I would like to get involved in helping others to be part of it. It has been a great experience that has taught me a lot and I am very grateful to have been selected.

You get out of it what you put in, I went with an open mind and I have had an experience that I will never forget, it has made me a stronger person and manager. 


If you would like to apply for a scholarship, the 2017 programme has launched. To find out more click here