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Make Resource Efficiency Your New Year's Resolution

  • 14/01/2015

Resource Efficient Scotland is encouraging businesses and organisations across the country to make a New Year’s Resolution to use energy, water and raw materials more efficiently.

Signing up to the Resource Efficiency Pledge demonstrates a commitment to the environment by making a pledge to complete a minimum of three actions over the course of 12 months, ranging from engaging staff to cut your energy use to putting in place measures to reduce waste, with the opportunity to progress year-on-year. More than 70 businesses have already made a Pledge and your business can gain recognition by achieving bronze, silver and gold awards.

Signing up to the pledge is simple on the Resource Efficient Scotland website, where you will also find a range of free support tools. For example, the Savings Finder is a great starting point for making a Resource Efficiency Pledge as it highlights key areas for improvement by providing a comprehensive and bespoke report based on current resource use. Decision makers just need to complete a quick online questionnaire to receive instant access to a host of recommendations, which can inform which direction the chosen pledge actions should take, or call our hotline for support on 0808 808 2268.

Staff training can be made one of your Pledges with the Green Champions Training Course, an online resource providing staff with the skills and knowledge to implement more resource efficient processes and support their organisation in its efforts.

For more information and to access the tools, visit www.resourceefficientscotland.com or call 0808 808 2268.