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Crerar Hotels ‘HIT’ Scottish Hospitality Industry With Huge Support

  • 03/12/2015

Crerar Hotels Trust is a charitable trust funded by the Crerar Hotel Group. Giving back to local communities to improve the quality of everyday lives is at the heart of Crerar Hotels – with a motto of “Hotels with Heart and Soul.” Each year over half of the hotel distributable profits are entrusted to the Crerar Hotels Trust for gifting to charities and community projects local to Crerar Hotels throughout Scotland and Yorkshire. HIT (Hospitality Industry Trust) Scotland are just one charity who have benefited hugely with regular support amounting over £300,000 since 2001.

On behalf of the trust, Marc Gardner and his team from Crerar’s Loch Fyne Hotel & Spa presented HIT Scotland with a cheque to celebrate 2015’s donation of £25,000 on Thursday, 26 November 2015.

David Cochrane, Chief Executive of HIT Scotland said on receipt of the donation "The donation from the Crerar Hotels Trust has allowed us to fulfil many more scholarships and this in turn will help the industry in Scotland. We are very grateful for the support the trust provides."

Why is this important?

Hospitality Industry Trust Scotland is a Scottish based charity whose mission is to assist people to achieve their potential and inspire individuals to be the best they can be within Scottish hospitality. This is achieved through bursaries, Emerging Talent scholarships and other industry initiatives. Established in 1994 by dynamic leaders from the hospitality industry, they support the ‘development of individuals’ within all these exciting and fast changing sectors, and look to develop emerging talent.

Since their inception, they have awarded over 1,000 emerging talent scholarships and 10,000 bursaries. The emerging talent scholarship programmes range from exceptional local, national and international hands on experiences to places on courses at some of the world’s finest academic establishments including The Cornell School of Hotel Administration and Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne.

HIT Scotland and the Crerar Hotels Trust share the values of encouraging individuals in the hospitality industry to make the most of every opportunity, finding ways to motivate teams and employees, share transferable skills and to network with other professionals in the industry.

Paddy Crerar, Chief Executive of Crerar Hotels and Chairman of the Crerar Hotels Trust said ‘we have continually donated to HIT Scotland year after year without hesitation. One of Crerar Hotels main aims is to nurture employee’s talent so skills are transferred and the highest level of hospitality is given back to our guests and the industry alike.’

2015 Crerar Hotels Scholarships

Crerar Hotels employees are actively encouraged to apply for scholarships and in 2015 alone, scholars were awarded to nearly 10 employees of Crerar Hotels, amounting to a considerable level of invaluable learning and work-based practical experience that has been and will continue to be shared across the whole hotel group.

The scholarships took these employees as far away as Goa and Dubai the latter offering a hands on, operational scholarship, looking to deliver high standards and operational practices through a placement with the Jumeirah Group. Recipients of this scholarship learn from a unique culture in a dynamic environment than enables them to cultivate passion at work place, deliver highest standards of service, provide best training for staff, get new ideas, obtain new skills, knowledge and confidence and improve leadership skills. All scholarships undertaken have inspired the employees of Crerar Hotels and left a lasting legacy to their approach in offering the highest standard of hospitality.

‘The hotel, the meals, the atmosphere, the scholars, the advice, the knowledge, the open-ness, the professionalism, the attention to detail, left a lump in my throat I felt when I left’. Arlene Campbell, Isle of Mull Hotel & Spa

‘The scholarship was excellent, very practical and I have already put a lot of methods into my day to day work. It has taught me to very much think outside the box and broaden our views.’ Saurav Kumar, Golf View Hotel & Spa

‘Exceptional from start to finish’ Victor Regpala, Isle of Mull Hotel & Spa